CGI’s Cropover Breathalyzer Promotion

CGI’s Cropover Breathalyzer Promotion

Consumers’ Guarantee Insurance (CGI) today announced that it will be making a major contribution to the Crop Over season by sponsoring some of the popular Crop Over events.

Peter Harris, General Manager of CGI, said that a lot more promoters had approached CGI for sponsorship this year than usual with the same message, of declining corporate sponsorship which was putting Crop Over and its supporting events in jeopardy.

“With a number of promoters hurting from lack of funding, we felt it our duty as a 100% Barbadian company to invest in Crop Over which is vital to our tourism product and our economy. However, we wanted to participate in a way that speaks to our company’s DNA and hence we decided to use the opportunity to promote the breathalyzer test,” said Harris.



Harris said that CGI will be promoting the breathalyzer test throughout Crop Over, challenging Barbadians to act responsibly on the roads. “We want Barbadians to join with us to advocate for the breathalyzer test. We have seen some horrific accidents on our roads and while we may not have scientific evidence, there are non-scientific signs which indicate that some are alcohol related. We think it is time to do something to reduce these accidents,” Harris said.

CGI will be sponsoring various Crop Over events throughout the season, and an interactive breathalyzer station will be set up at some of the venues. Marketing Manager at CGI, Ann Barrow explained that patrons will have the opportunity to discretely test their alcohol levels.

“We want persons to enjoy themselves, but we are hoping that our presence will be a reminder to patrons to drink responsibly. Our presence will be unobtrusive. The set up at some venues will include a lounging area where persons can hangout and have a drink of water. While there is no legal limit enforced in Barbados, we will be using the internationally recognized limit as our guide. Patrons engaging with us will receive discounts on motor and property insurance and other giveaways” Barrow said.

Barrow said that the initial response to the breathalyzer station was encouraging. CGI will continue the breathalyzer promotion throughout the season and persons can show their support of the initiative by using the hashtag #CGIforBreathalyzer in their Crop Over social media posts.