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Emergency Room Medical Supplies Inc.

Emergency Room Medical Supplies Inc.

Emergency Room Medical Supplies Inc performs procurement and sale of medical supplies and equipment to medical institutions. Emergency Room Medical Supplies’ registered address is Lot 4, Prior Park Heights, St. James. It is a local distributor of US branded medical equipment.

Gate Zero Bar

Gate Zero Bar
Located in the Departure Lounge at the Grantley Adams International Airport, Christ Church, Gate Zero Bar provides a full range of beverages, small snacks, pastries and desserts for passengers.

Diagnostic Radiology Group of Companies

The Diagnostic Radiology group of companies specialises in the provision of diagnostic imaging services. These services include X-ray scanning; mammography; ultrasounds; CT scanning; and MR imaging.

There are three companies in the Group:

Diagnostic Radiology Services
Located in Beckles Road, St. Michael

Diagnostic CT Services
Located at Sandy Crest Medical Centre, Sunset Crest, St. James

Diagnostic MRI Services
Located at Warrens Healthcare Complex, Warrens, St. Michael

Each of the Diagnostic Radiology companies provides X-ray scanning. However, CT and MRI services are exclusive to Diagnostic CT Services and Diagnostic MRI Services respectively. The Group utilises Teleradiology technology to effect 24-hour access to images and reports.

Select Rentals

Select Rentals is a car rental company with a fleet comprising regular and executive sedans, minivans, and SUVs. The company is located at the Babco Complex, Culloden Road, St. Michael. All of Select Rentals vehicles are fully loaded and come with 24-hour roadside assistance, and free delivery and pickup.

Coverley Medical Centre


Coverley Medical Centre is a premier family care medical facility which is also fully equipped to provide urgent and emergency care. The Medical Centre has the added convenience of Healthsmart Pharmacy and Coverley Diagnostic Services on site for X-ray, Ultrasound and Mammography services.