CGI’s 5 Tips For Staying Safe This Crop Over

CGI’s 5 Tips For Staying Safe This Crop Over

Considering Barbados is firmly established as the birthplace of rum and home to the oldest brand of rum in the world, it’s fair to say we Bajans like a drink! And, given that this year’s Crop Over festivities are now well underway, we know that both locals and visitors alike will be getting enticed into some home-grown beverages at various parties island-wide.

We want to help reduce the number of accidents on our roads linked to alcohol consumption and as one of the Crop Over events sponsors, CGI is encouraging all Barbadians and visitors to drink (and drive) responsibly this party season. Remember, alcohol seriously impairs many of the skills required for safe driving, so play it safe this year with our ‘5 tips for staying safe’ during Crop Over 2016:

1. Nominate a ‘Designated Driver’

One way to avoid being involved in an alcohol-related road accident is to nominate a ‘designated driver’ who agrees not to drink any alcohol, and commits to driving everyone home safely after the party. We encourage this year’s revelers to be on the safe side and decide on a designated driver if you are planning to drive home after partying at Crop Over.

2. Use public transport or a taxi

If nobody in your group is sober when it comes time to leave the party, we advise you to seek an alternative, like public transport or a taxi. You can always collect your car the next day – a small price to pay for arriving home safe.

Besides, finding alternative transport has been made easier by Barbadian mobile public transport app ‘BeepCab’ which allows users to search for local bus routes, and request and book taxis, directly from their phone, rather than risking driving home under the influence.

3. Stay sober

The best way to avoid alcohol-related injuries and accidents is to stay sober. It seems like an obvious alternative, but you’d be surprised by how many people think you have to drink to have a good time. Why not stick to water, your favorite soft drink or a juice, and enjoy the Crop Over vibes with a level head. And, at least you know you’ll wake up the morning after, feeling fresh and ready to party all over again!

4. Use a breathalyzer test

CGI is supporting the use of breathalyzer tests at this year’s Crop Over events and is offering free tests at our interactive breathalyzer stations. Breathalyzer tests estimate the level of blood alcohol content (BAC) in your breath and we will be using an internationally recognised alcohol limit as our guide. If you test over the limit and are planning to drive home from any of these events, we urge you to rethink your transport options and stay safe on the road!

5. Don’t stray from your friends

We know Crop Over parties can get a little wild, with big crowds of party-goers all out to have a good time. With this in mind, we remind you to stick with your crew, especially if you are drinking alcohol. The consumption of alcohol significantly impairs your ability to make rational decisions. If you’ve been drinking and find yourself separated from your friends, you may end up getting in a car with a drunk driver, or making other bad decisions as a result of being intoxicated. Keep a little credit on your cell, and arrange a special ‘meeting point’ and time in case anyone strays during the night.